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Posted by GLIZZY BOY VETS BLOGGER on 22nd Feb 2022

Ever Wanted to know How to be a Builder!!!

First Step, you need to get a lower frame. You can purchase a frame or even 3D print your own Glock type Frame. Then there is also the option to just buy your complete Standard Glock lower via a FFL (BEST Practice).

Parts You Will Need to Buy to Start Your OWN PROJECT !!!!

1 - Complete Slide

So, you can start by clicking or tapping SLIDEZ and it will take you to the website to get your complete slide or maybe even you a stripped slide if you want to do your build more to your liking but if your use this link you can Find them all By clicking the Left tab for more options Where you will find a variety of different colors and striplings.

2 - Where To Get Your 3d Printed Gun Rails

You can start by clicking Blocks & Rails to find your 3d printed rails. You can find your Glock 19 rails or 17, 26, or even 43, the sky is the limit when building your own from the colors to the sizes. Don’t wait get started!

3 -Your Lower and Upper Parts Kits

When starting your build you will also need your lower parts kit and or a upper parts kit depending on what slide package you ended up getting yourself which you can find by clicking this Link UPK LPK if you didn’t get a complete upper you will also be needing a barrel and upper parts kits. Which you can find all that you need with the link.

To Be Continued .......